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  • SPORTSPIX orders are processed within 48 hours. Once processed, it is placed in the printing queue in the order in which is was received. All images are retouched, cropped and custom printed. It takes approximately four weeks or less to ship your order.

  • If you need your order delivered within a deadline you may have to pay a rush fee and provide us with the required delivery date. We will meet your deadline. It is imperative that you contact us with your request so that we can expedite your order.

  • We offer a Buy Four - Get One Free opportunity. We do not offer percentage discounts due to the high cost of producing our images and prints. Each individual picture is custom retouched, cropped and printed; there is no bulk processing.

  • Each and every image we process will be carefully retouched. Common skin blemishes will be removed and permanent features preserved.

  • Each and every image will be carefully cropped. We will determine the best cropping for your print size considering looseness or tightness, horizontal or vertical appropriateness, and general overall image balance.

  • Absolutely. We will be happy to fulfill your request. However, if the amount of detail work required is extensive and time-consuming we will contact you regarding the possibility of an additional charge.

  • Most events are loaded within three business days to one or two weeks, depending on varying circumstances.

  • Depending on the availability of staff, we will be happy to fulfill such requests.

  • We photograph hundreds, sometimes thousands of images when covering events. These image files are edited and any pictures that are blurry, badly exposed or inappropriate are immediately deleted. What you see is the full file of pictures available.

  • We started with the 2001-2002 school year. If you don't see your event posted, please contact us so we can determine if we covered it.

  • As a general policy we do not sell digital files. If you have an unusual request or circumstance please contact us and we will explain our policy.

  • All of our pictures have a satisfaction guarantee. We will be happy to refund all or part or your picture order with the return of your prints.

  • If your child was individually photographed on Picture Day you can purchase ANY package from the proof images posted in the Picture Day section of our website. If no individual portrait was taken, you can always purchase the team picture.


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