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SPORTSPIX is the action photography division of Dane Petersen & Company, Inc., a full service photography and digital imaging enterprise. Established in 2001 as a business serving our patrons with athletic team and individual portraiture, we have expanded to meet the demands of our growing client-based needs. Our coverage of athletic events now enables us the opportunity to provide these photojournalistic images for sale. It has also been our commitment to maintain a permanent archive of our picture files for posterity.
Here at Dane Petersen & Company, Inc., we have the resources, technicians and experience to provide many varied services in the field of digital imagery manipulation, enhancement and restoration. We do this both with our own image files or your physical pictures, carefully complying with copyright and intellectual property-right laws.
Some of these services include:
• simple portrait retouching to remove common facial blemishes or other unflattering distractions
• restore old, faded, or damaged pictures
• reproduce treasured photographs without available negatives or image files
• posterize images
• create custom collages
• add custom text to pictures
• digitally insert or remove needed or unwanted elements to an image
... and more!
Please contact us with and questions and we will be happy to look at the possibilities with you. On behalf of our dedicated staff we thank you for visiting our website and look forward to seeing you. With our extensive selection and fast turnaround Sportpix has been able to separate itself from its competitors as a true innovator in providing our customers the best prices along with exceptional service.

At Sportpix our staff works hard to get our customers the best prices and proudly stands behind the products we carry with our satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to honesty, fairness, and integrity in our dealings has helped out business grow through the loyalty and recommendations of our customers.

On behalf of all of the Sportpix staff we thank you for visiting our site today and look forward to serving your photographic needs.

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